Solution for Industry

Xergo is a company that creates software for engineers and sales support. It offers services such as the development of CAE applications, configuration tools with varying degrees of complexity. We specialize in industrial products in the engineering domain. The offer includes products such as high-quality Revit family blocks (RFA) or dedicated plug-ins for Revit software.

Xergo is small software house that is highly specialized and focus on engineering domain not margin per developer like big software companies.

We are located in Wrocław near Wrocław University of Science and Technology, call us and feel invited for coffee

When we founded Xergo we decided to always put quality over quantity.
Our goal is to be experts in software for engineers domain and not to become another big software house.

We are focused on solving problems of engineers, designers, panel builders, component manufacturers

By helping your customers we can support your business growth

What we find most interesting is that we offer complex solution, can help on every level of product development and its life-cycle, from CAD drawing, via documentation distribution, variety of engineering plugins, cad software extensions, through supporting marketing and sales till very last moment of your customer purchase order

Every day we meet variety of people from small to big business,…
freelance designers, architect, sales representative, product managers
each of them represents different perspective and that way we can learn a lot

We would say that learning from our customers is our key to success