Xergo offers a wide range of services covering various aspects of software development including project management, databases preparation, numerical algorithms development. We develop desktop, web and mobile applications.


We create systems configuration with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from tools such as a selector for a leaping on complex configurators supporting CAD visualization.

Calculator Applications

We specialize in software such as calculator and computing applications that use specialized algorithms.


We prepare the Master Data product bases that power applications. On the basis of the relationship between the products we develop relational databases, due to which broad configuration possibilities for Your offer are obtained.

Software development

We help developing existing software. We will help you choose the best system functionality which will try to fulfill the needs of the users of your application in the best way possible.

Software maintenance

We maintain the software created by our company – both the code and the database.


We know how difficult it is to define appropriate needs that determine the effect and purpose of the project. Thanks to our experience we enable You to get the best consensus between cost, time, and the needs of your customers.





Software development process

  • Case study

  • Prototyping and design

  • Implementation

  • Optimization

  • Customization and production

  • Maintenance and product support